I am very excited to say that last week I received my first recorded Zoom meeting. Massive thanks to the group who recorded it.

Interviews are going well too. It is very special to hear about the different ways people are finding to support one another, as well as the challenges of organising at this time.

If you are taking part in a community activity of any kind during lockdown, I’d love to hear from you.



This week I’ve conducted my first interviews! Massive thanks to the groups and individuals who have generously got involved and offered me their time and thoughts.

Are you in a community group in 2020? Do you have experiences to share about organising during lockdown (positive, negative, both?) I’d love to hear your story. Give me a shout on

Watch this space

Watch this space

For those of you who were familiar with this project in its pre-COVID form, the Community Meetings Project, I am now reimagining it to help tell the story of the community response to the crisis.

This will involve new methods of data collection and new opportunities to get involved, both for groups and individuals.

Watch this space – more info coming soon.