Are you part of a community group in 2020?

During the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, people are seeking new ways to support one another and build community connections. The pandemic is also having a big impact on many existing community organisations who were already working hard to support people.

I am a researcher at the University of York. I want to help tell the story of community organising during the COVID-19 crisis. I believe we may be able to learn from what is happening now to build knowledge and skills for strong communities in the future.

Whether you are a brand new group responding to the crisis, an established organisation trying out new ways to operate during social distancing, or a group whose activities have been affected by the pandemic, your experience is valuable. Communities 2020 research project is looking for groups like yours to take part in research.

Update 08/06/2020: Enormous thanks to everyone who has participated so far. This includes over 35 participants from over 40 organisations, and counting! I am now particularly looking for the following types of organisation for interviews:

    1.  Organisations run  by and for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people
    2. Small community groups run entirely by volunteers

If you are part of either (or both) of these types of group, would you be willing to share your story?

I am also looking for organisations that are holding organising / committee meetings on Zoom (or similar), to record part or all of a meeting to share with the project. This is because part of the focus is on how group interactions and processes are affected by being unable to meet in person, and how groups are managing this.

If you are involved with a community group or project, as an organiser, member, or simply taking part in activities/receiving help,  please get in touch. I would love to hear from you. For more information, take a look at the FAQs.